I’m sure I’m getting way ahead of things here, but hope to stick with the 223 straight-six. I’ve read that if you want more performance out of it, you need to make it breathe. Duh. In the design of the Ford straight-six the outer cylinders are starved by their distance from the single carb.

So, headers and better intake. The OEM log manifold has to go, but there don’t seem to be a ton of alternatives. Clifford Performance has a header/intake/adapter combination package that looks interesting. Offenhauser also made performance parts for this motor. There’s a Fenton intake in Kingwood, TX for $200. Looks like it can accommodate dual carbs.

I took it for a drive this afternoon. The motor is not at all healthy. Probably stalled it ten times. The oil is as black as I’ve ever seen. I should probably just pull it out and rebuild it before doing anything else.


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