Tonight’s LMC Truck Order

This blog is pretty much written for the future me, so I can remember what I did and when.

  • Water Pump
  • Distributor
  • Door Glass
  • Windshield, rubber…
  • Inner Cab Corner
  • Thermostat, Gasket
  • Rad top hose
  • Air Filter
  • Clutch master and slave repair kits
  • Driver’s arm rest
  • Sun-visors
  • Battery tray
  • Battery disconnect switch


  • Electronic Distributor (bought a conventional disty from RockAuto)
  • Electric Fuel Pump & Pressure Regulator
  • Electric water pump (bought a conventional from RockAuto)
  • Replace Generator with Alternator and get the voltage regulator right
  • Mustang fuel tank to be mounted in front of back bumper between frame rails
  • Intake, Carb, Header (ask Jegs if the Offy kit they have works on a 223) [Nope, it’s intended for larger and later Ford I6 engines. The intake/exhaust are on the other side I think.]
  • Wiring Harness (sometime, not urgent but needed)
  • Bench seat or rebuild kit – or just take it to an upholstery shop
  • Headliner, dome light
  • Carpet, sound deadening, padding

About lc

dad, husband, dog and cat owner, computer guy, race fan, classic car fantasizer, fiscal conservative,, lover of chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream
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