Well, there’s your problem!

Yesterday I tried to put the truck in the garage, but it didn’t have enough power to get up the hill. This morning, my neighbor Jim came over to have a look at the truck. I told him it wasn’t running well and fired it up for him. He immediately said “well, there’s your problem!” The fuel pump was spurting gasoline, which is both dangerous and inefficient. As luck would have it, the truck came equipped with an extra fuel pump. It looked like it had been purchased a while ago and never installed, having obviously sat in the bed for some time. I pulled off the bad one and took it apart, swapping the new top half with the good diaphragm. While I was doing that, I shot this:

How a fuel pump works.

When Jim came over I was working on the battery tray. When I bought the truck, the battery was supported by a piece of wood, a metal strap, and a bungee chord. The original tray had rotted out on the left side.

DSC_0157I ordered a replacement battery tray from LMC, but the tray that arrived isn’t right. Apparently the 1960 battery tray was unique, which isn’t apparent in any of the big online catalogs. I cut off the rotted tray, fabricated a replacement,

IMGP0836and welded it together. My first welding ever at the age of 43. Never too late.

So now I’m waiting for the paint to dry before re-installing the battery tray and battery, then testing out the new fuel pump.


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