Fuel Pump Follies

On Saturday night I swapped out the fuel pumps, then turned out the lights and went to bed. Sunday morning I hit the starter, and the pump’s actuator pin sheared. That pump is now dead and useless.

So here’s what I wrote on the Ford Trucks forum:

So, after trips to Pep-Boys and O’Reilly, I’m the proud owner of a Mr. Gasket #42S micro-electronic fuel pump ($40), a Mr. Gasket block-off plate for a big-block Chevy and a few feet of fuel line. I bolted the pump to the inner right fender, right over the end of the hard fuel line. One wire from the pump grounds to the pump’s mounting bolt, and I attached the other wire to the coil ignition lead. The pump puts out 28 gal/hr or 2-3.5 PSI.
I took it for a drive this evening – the first time it’s been drive-able since I’ve owned it, and the fuel pump seems to be working well.

Then this morning:

Weeeelll, that didn’t work. Maybe if I lived in a place with no hills, my pump placement would be functional, but with the steep hills around here (West Lake Hills, west of downtown Austin), the pump can’t pull fuel up to the engine compartment.
The instructions with the pump say to put it within a foot of the tank, but I figured with the tank higher than the pump and relatively close, I’d be okay. The truck made it up the first big hill (I assume it did so with the gas in the bowl), but then stalled a hundred yards further on.
So now I’ll drain the tank and mount the pump to the bottom of the cab near where the fuel line exits the cab. Lesson learned.
…or I could find a mechanical fuel pump.

It’s never easy.

On the plus side, I put a mile on the truck and really enjoyed it, plus Laura and I both love the looks of this truck. We’re thinking of letting the kids decorate it with temper paint.


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