Float fixed. It’s amazing what a fountain a carburetor can be when the needle doesn’t shut off and 3.5 lbs of fuel pressure starts pressing gas out of it.

Blockage fixed for now. Carburetor may leak less than when I started… a little. Ordered a rebuild kit from LMC Truck this morning.

Maybe tomorrow morning it’ll make it all the way to the gas station.

I spoke with both Exeter Auto Supply and Clifford Performance today. Dan at Exeter would set me up with an Offenhauser 2728-8 manifold for $248. Then I’d need to find two compatible carburetors. Options are the Holley 1V that’s on there now, the Edelbrock 94, the Stromberg 97, or the BG Demon 98. Each of these carbs new is at least $400 and I would need two. The latter three would need an adapter that Exeter would sell me, or I could get one fabricated at a metal fab shop near Austin that was referenced in a Texas Spokes autocross email. Someday I’d need headers too.

My alternative is Clifford Performance. I spoke with Larry there, and he’s done the engineering work to match their Clifford aluminum intake, shorty headers, a Weber 38/38 two barrel carb with the necessary adapter, and a linkage. All that for $1237. I love the idea of the Offenhauser name on my engine, but based on my carburetor experiences in the past few days, I’m not thrilled to deal with dual carbs forever.

Both guys I talked to today were really friendly. I like car people.

I also like this truck. It’s trying.


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