No gas

I called around to find out how much a radiator shop would charge to clean out my tank. $125, plus more to seal the tank. A new Mustang tank costs $120. So, I ordered a ‘69 Mustang gas tank, sender and filler hose from UPS says it’ll be here tomorrow today.

So, what do I need to do (that I don’t know how to do) to get this gas tank working?

  1. Remove the bed of the truck. I don’t have a lifting method or a place to put it. I’m thinking of jacking it up with my two hydraulic jacks on 4×4 lumber, then somehow safely propping it up over the truck frame. Maybe instead I can gather enough guys to lift it by hand and put it in our spare parking spot.
  2. Remove the two frame cross-members that are in the way. They’re held by large rivets, which I’m going to have to drill out. Never done that before.
  3. Weld together a frame to suspend the gas tank between the frame rails. First thing I need to do is find bar stock. I assume I can get that at a welding supply place. I’ll look at Home Depot first.
  4. Install the filler pipe that I’ve ordered somewhere on the fender of the truck, or near the tail-lights. Run filler hose to the tank around or through the frame rail with no leaks.
  5. Make the filler look good. Put a gas cap on it.
  6. Purchase a gas gauge that’ll work with the sender I’ve ordered.
  7. Run power to the tank’s sender, and run the signal back to a gas gauge.
  8. Run new gas line up the frame rail and to the engine.
  9. Plug the holes from the old gas tank.
  10. While I’ve got the bed off the frame, I’ll probably want to paint the frame with POR15, which I don’t have.

So, I’m digging myself a pretty deep hole here.

Oh, I’ve also got to install: a new distributor with electronic ignition rotor on the way; new coil; new water pump (waiting for a gasket) and thermostat; new temp sending unit; carburetor rebuild kit; new seat.

I also need to finish the battery tray. It’s not going to last as is.

I still haven’t looked at the brakes, and both master cylinders and hard lines (brake and clutch) are obviously leaking.


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