Post-Holiday Progress

The gas tank is in! The fuel line is roughed-in. I’ve got to come up with some clips for it or it’ll rattle around against the frame.

Welded in bolts. This didn't work as they had to be perfectly parallel and they weren't. I ended up welding the nuts instead.I welded in the gas tank mounting nuts at first, but I didn’t position them correctly, so I had to knock them off. Then I got the bright idea to weld in the bolts instead. I’m so bright I didn’t realize they had to be perfectly parallel until I tried to pull the tank back off. So, off they came. My final (?) solution has the nuts welded back on, but I welded them with the tank in place so they should be located correctly.

Fuel sender and pickup.

Fuel pump location. Seems ideal... if  the differential never hits it. I don't think it will.

I re-built the carb a couple of weeks ago. Did I say that already?

Tonight I wire-brushed the rest of the rear frame. Tomorrow I may hit it with POR-15. After that, I can button up the fuel lines, re-run the tail light wires, and re-install the bed.

There is some rot at the back of the cab in a place that’s hidden by the bed. It would be a great place to do my first sheet metal welding.

Part of the process of attaching the bed is going to be cutting a hole for the gas filler. Scary.

After that, I have to tackle the seat. That’s scary too.

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