More Brakes

I’ve replaced both front wheel cylinders and hoses. Still need to get some bearing grease and re-grease the front wheel bearings.

I also replaced the master cylinder, which was really an “as long as I’m here” type of preventative measure. When I disconnected the line from the master cylinder to the proportioning valve and bent it away from the master cylinder, I discovered the source of my brake issues. The hard line snapped at its bracket on the firewall.


So I opened the LMC, Sacramento Vintage Ford and Macs Auto Parts catalogs looking for this line. Nothing. Nobody carries it. I went to O’Reilly and they called their supplier. Nothing.

So I went to the wonderful people at and asked them. They told me I could replace that line with a regular hard brake line, but that I should put a coil in it. I happen to have exactly the right line and fittings left over from my ‘95 Jeep. Shouldn’t be too bad.

Famous last words.


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