It’s pretty cool to have an original straight-six 223 with a three-on-the-tree in this truck, but the truck smokes like crazy.

I’ve been thinking lately of swapping something in, but not the usual 351 or other push-rod V8. I’m thinking an early 2000’s Ford F150 fuel-injected SOHC V6 with a 5-speed. I stopped at LKQ on my way home from San Antonio today and they’d sell me a complete package (if they happen to have a truck with that configuration at the time and it hasn’t been pulled apart yet) for about $2000. That’s more than I paid for the truck.

So maybe I’ll just rebuild the bottom-end of the 223 and see where that gets me. Never done that before. Have no idea what I’m doing. May as well get started.


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dad, husband, dog owner, computer guy, race fan, classic car fantasizer, fiscal conservative,, lover of chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream
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