1986 Detroit Grand Prix Garage Photos

I attended the Detroit Grand Prix in 1986 and wandered into the garage building at one point in the weekend. Security wasn’t what it is today in an F1 paddock. The garage was one large common area where all the teams had territory staked out.

This was Ayrton Senna’s 4th win. Jacques Lafitte (42 years old!) 2nd, and Alain Prost 3rd.

Image (3)

Benetton BMW team in the pits. I bet those steel brake disks cost a couple hundred dollars each!

Image (4)

The TAG Porsche engine in Alan Prost’s Marlboro McLaren MP4/2C.

Image (5)

Lola Ford rear wings.

Image (6)

John Player Special Lotus Lotus 97T team in the pits. Drivers Ayrton Senna (winner) and Johnny Dumfries (7th).

Image (7)

I remember there being a stark contrast between this team’s pit organization and cleanliness and that of the Honda engine team.

Image (9)

Nelson Piquet’s Williams-Honda FW11.

Image (10)

Image (11)

Image (12)

MinardiMotori Moderni of Andrea de Cesaris or Alessandro Nannini.

Image (13)

It was amazing how clean and neat the Honda engines were in contrast with the rest of the hardware in the pits. I remember someone joking that each one probably had its own first class seat from Japan to Detroit.

Image (14)

Williams steering wheel in that toolbox. Are there buttons on there?

Image (15)

Image (16)

Image (17)

Image (18)

Image (19)

Image (22)

World champion Alan Prost. I have no idea if this was the race or practice.

Image (23)

Keke Rosberg in the other McLaren.

A video of the beginning of the race:


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3 Responses to 1986 Detroit Grand Prix Garage Photos

  1. Very cool – thanks for posting

  2. Bob Weber says:

    WOW! These pictures, especially in the garage, are wonderful!!!! Thanks for sharing, Larry!

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