Engine Swap

I completed the engine swap last weekend, but failed to start it before traveling. The task entailed:
– bolting the clutch back onto the flywheel that came with the motor. I didn’t know where the throwout bearing was supposed to be, so I put it inside the clutch housing. Wrong!
– attaching the three-speed. I would have put on the “new” four speed, but that would require a different drive shaft. Someday.
– Stabbing the engine. Not so easy with the hood on, but I did it and got the engine mounts tight.
– Realizing my throwout bearing mistake with the help of my neighbor Jim.
– Extracting said bearing after removing the driveshaft and transmission from underneath the truck. Bearing applied to trans shaft where it belongs.


About lc

dad, husband, dog and cat owner, computer guy, race fan, classic car fantasizer, fiscal conservative, mmmm...beer, lover of chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream
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