I’m Exhausted

It’s been a while since I wrote about the truck. I just looked and good God it’s been almost two years. A lot has happened, but not as much as might have happened in this amount of time.

Let’s see:


  • I put the new engine in and got it running.
  • The old rebuilt carburetor had its seals eaten away by today’s fuel, and started puking gas everywhere. I decided that rather than spend money on a carb rebuild, I’d spend more money on fuel injection.
  • I bought a craigslist Howell GM fuel injection system for a Jeep straight six, then made an aluminum adapter plate for it, and got it running.
  • It ran like crap, so I bought a Clifford intake and headers.
  • It still ran like crap. I figured out an electrical issue and it runs much better. Still have to make the throttle less sticky.
  • I fabricated a temporary exhaust collector to get it to the exhaust shop.


With that done, I realized that the seal on the Mustang gas tank that I installed three years ago had been eaten by ethanol fuel and was leaking. Can’t have guys welding under the truck with a fuel leak, so I ordered a replacement seal from DallasMustang.com. $2 seal, $8 shipping. I put that seal in without removing the fuel tank and it didn’t work. So I asked my father in law to pop by Dallas Mustang, grab another seal, and hand it to my wife that weekend. I installed the seal after consulting YouTube and it works!

  • I replaced the generator with an alternator, but I’m not sure it’s working.


  • I put in a new driver’s side glass. It doesn’t roll up and down very well, and the vent window won’t lock closed, but at least it’s new and it’s in.
  • I also repaired rust on the driver’s door and replaced the window channel all the way around.
  • I finally installed the windshield that I bought over three years ago. Of the stuff I bought then I still haven’t used the distributor (it’s working fine), the passenger door glass, I never got an inner cab corner (I’ve cut off the cab corners and plan to weld sheet metal in), or the clutch repair kits. I’ve done almost everything on that “need” list. Can’t believe this is a 3+ year project.WP_20131012_004WP_20131012_001WP_20131012_002WP_20131012_003


Got the tail lights, turn signals and brake lights working. I had to ground the socket of the driver’s side with a sheet metal screw. Mice ate the wires though, so I repaired them again last weekend.

The truck has actually taken me a few places. I got burgers once, went for a run once, and went to the gym on an Austin “snow day”.


Soon. Soon I can just drive it. Maybe.


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dad, husband, dog and cat owner, computer guy, race fan, classic car fantasizer, fiscal conservative, mmmm...beer, lover of chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream
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