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What to do while you’re in Austin for The Austin Grand Prix

Some thoughts about how to take advantage of the unique aspects of Austin while you’re here. Continue reading

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Sold sold sold!

I sold the 1960 Ford F100 early in the summer of 2014. I think I got $1500 for it, which is less than I paid for it and far less than I had in it, of course. I got my … Continue reading

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I’m Exhausted

It’s been a while since I wrote about the truck. I just looked and good God it’s been almost two years. A lot has happened, but not as much as might have happened in this amount of time. Let’s see: … Continue reading

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Engine Swap

I completed the engine swap last weekend, but failed to start it before traveling. The task entailed: – bolting the clutch back onto the flywheel that came with the motor. I didn’t know where the throwout bearing was supposed to … Continue reading

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1986 Detroit Grand Prix Garage Photos

I attended the Detroit Grand Prix in 1986 and wandered into the garage building at one point in the weekend. Security wasn’t what it is today in an F1 paddock. The garage was one large common area where all the … Continue reading

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No Smoking

The truck’s engine smokes too much for the civilized world. So, in late March, 16 months into my ownership of this truck, I set about fixing it. I called my mechanic friend Ron Shimek and asked for an engine shop … Continue reading

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It’s pretty cool to have an original straight-six 223 with a three-on-the-tree in this truck, but the truck smokes like crazy. I’ve been thinking lately of swapping something in, but not the usual 351 or other push-rod V8. I’m thinking … Continue reading

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